A Game That Outsold The Last Guardian!

In the United Kingdom, there are some… interesting results.

Last week, two major games launched. Both are exclusive to a console (ooookay, fine, one of them is also available on Windows 10): Dead Rising 4 is on Xbox One, and The Last Guardian is available on the PlayStation 4. According to GfK, neither games launched in a strong position.

You read that right: The Last Guardian only started in SEVENTH place, and Dead Rising 4 only launched in 5th. That’s a shocking start for both games. Here’s the full top list:

  1.         Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  2.         FIFA 17
  3.         Battlefield 1
  4.         Final Fantasy 15
  5.         Dead Rising 4
  6.         Watch Dogs 2
  7.         The Last Guardian
  8.         Pokemon Sun
  9.         The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition
  10.         Pokemon Moon

Aside from the obligatory FIFA, the two FPS games are on the podium after Final Fantasy XV dropped to 4th place. It’s disappointing to see Sony‘s one of the key exclusives of 2016 launch in such a lowly position in physical sales.

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