SEGA Reveals New Corporate Identity Brand [VIDEO]

…which looks like a sharp clone of Virgin Interactive.

DualShockers writes about how SEGA, whose plans we talked about a few days ago, is changing its corporate identity – its key element will be the logo in the eye. Two decades ago, Virgin did almost the same thing…

The concept’s name is Amazing SEGA. The identity focuses on the company’s determination to provide more surprises to gamers than ever before. The videos feature a special device developed internally that measures the expression of the human eye and turns it into data. The device was used to track the eyes of players engaging with SEGA’s games, and the data generated by moments of amazement was converted into sounds.

Good idea, but we want to see some results first. (Attention, all three videos are Japanese. The third one is the making of version of the second one – both features Toshihiro Nagoshi, the Yakuza series’ director!)

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