Watch Dogs 2: Four-Player Co-Op Incoming [VIDEO]

Watch Dogs 2 is receiving another major update.

This update is going to arrive on July 4, the American Independence Day. Quoting the press release, „players can start a public or private party with room for up to four friends (or strangers, if you use matchmaking). From there, the party is free to explore San Francisco. […] Then, at any time, you can launch the activities that support the 4-player Party – Bounties, Invasions, Loot Trucks, Races, Showd0wn, Man VS Machine Robot Fights, and the DedSec Virus events are all available for you to have fun with.”

You can read the 4-Player Party Mode patch notes here ( „To celebrate this new update as well as the Bay Area’s rendition of Independence Day, Watch Dogs 2 will also hold a special in-game event during the month of July that includes fireworks displays over the city of San Francisco and a festive change to the paintball gun that makes it shoot red, white, and blue pellets.”

Why couldn’t Ubisoft include this four-player coop in the game right from the get-go?

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