Total War: Warhammer II: Introducing The Dark Elves [VIDEO]

Everyone has a dark side.

Total War: Warhammer II will have four playable races, and it’s time to introduce the third one, the Dark Elves. Quoting the press release: „Led from the obsidian wastes of Naggaroth by the Witch King Malekith and his sadistic mother Morathi, the Dark Elves are hell-bent on the humiliation and destruction of their orderly brothers, and ultimate control of the Great Vortex in Ulthuan. […] The Dark Elves offer a ferocious new gameplay style. Swift to strike – and brutal to a fault – they’re capable of tearing down an enemy’s defenses in a trice, provided they sustain their Murderous Prowess. However, a Dark Elf leader must preserve his alpha status in the eyes of his lesser generals and keep an iron grip on their loyalty, lest their self-serving, glory-seeking nature leads to treachery!”

Total War: Warhammer II is out on September 28 – you can pre-order Creative Assembly’s game on Steam here.

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