„I have a dream…” that Dreams Will Be Awesome on the PSVR!

Media Molecule, known for LittleBigPlanet, has been silent recently about their new project… until now!

Rollingstone’s Glixel has interviewed the studio’s director, Siobhan Reddy. She talked about several subjects, including their relationship with Sony:

„We are a very proud studio; it’s such great company to be in. From the beginning, they have held our hand. Sony people aren’t here every day, but we have Shuhei [Yoshida] visiting next week. We were just presenting with Sony in LA a couple of weeks ago. When you’re a Worldwide Studios team, the deal is you have to make things that help show off what PlayStation is all about. We work hard to make sure we do that. All through the relationship, they’ve been supportive of what we’re doing. Shuhei has been an incredible supporter of Dreams, and saw the potential of it right at the beginning – he’s been a great advocate there. He wants us to get it out to the community, and we’re working very hard to do that.”

She also talked about the opportunity with the PlayStation VR: „It’s amazing. Seeing people create in Dreams in VR is amazing, and being able to wander through those worlds is amazing. It’s a total no-brainer for us to do that and to support it because it’s just awesome. Every visitor that comes to our house wants to try VR. People who have no other interest in games are like, “Let me see it,” and then they are just always blown away.”

Dreams, which was revealed at PlayStation Meeting 2013 (the same time as the PlayStation 4), should be part of Paris Game Week later this year.

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