GC 2017 – Final Fantasy XV-2? Unlikely!

Despite good sales and positive reception, there’s not much of a chance of a sequel.

Final Fantasy XV‘s director, Hajime Tabata told Polygon that making a full-fledged season makes no sense, as the fans would have nothing to play until it would be completed.

„If you do that full sequel model of expanding on an IP or a series, it’s good in certain ways. The negative of that is there’s a very large open period where you’re not releasing anything. In that period, you get people to move away, and their attachment to the franchise dissipates a little bit,” Tabata said.

It explains why Square Enix is making small content drops, such as the character episodes, Comrades (the multiplayer component), or the fishing-hunting VR-minigame (as well as the mobile port, plus the potential Switch version in the future).

„What we’re trying to do with that is to depict [the] missing ten years of history right at the end of the story. If we had tried to do that as a traditional, full-scale sequel, that would have been very difficult, but it works well in [keeping] that continued relationship with fans,” Tabata added regarding Comrades.

He told Kotaku that Final Fantasy XV on PC, which will arrive in early 2018, will not require a 1080 Ti GPU and 170 GB free disk space. The former is required only to play at 4K resolution. The press statement with the system requirements was just based off the PC used to run the Gamescom demo – it was a mistake. There will be mod support, too!

Let’s hope that Final Fantasy XV will not come on 7-8 DVDs – Grand Theft Auto V has already done that!

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