Battleborn Is One Step Closer To Its Death [VIDEO]

Even Gearbox is seemingly giving up on Battleborn.

On the Gearbox forums, we read that after the Fall update, there will be no more updates and Battleplans, so despite the servers staying alive for the foreseeable future, the team shooter, having arrived in May 2016, is now pretty much dead.

Blizzard’s game, Overwatch, is going higher and higher, while GearboxBattleborn first cut its price in half, then offered a free-to-play option, and it still isn’t going to survive. Randy Varnell, the creative director, said that he was almost exclusively working on it since 2012, but he already had things done for it as early as 2009.

Gearbox started to silently work on a new game (as well as Borderlands 3, which is also in development…), Project 1v1, which we previously wrote about as much as we knew. Battleborn was recapped perfectly by Crowbcat’s video from July 2016, showing the pre-release hype and the first two months after the launch…

Source: Gearbox forums

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