PlayStation VR-Recap: Killing Floor Is Getting An Adaptation! [VIDEO]

Three games’ short recap.

Let’s start with the biggest surprise – TripWire Games will port Killing Floor: Incursion (which arrived on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in November) to the PlayStation VR, according to the PlayStation Blog announcement. Both hands will be required to interact with items (like swinging an ax), and the gunplay was made from the ground up for the VR technology. The 4-6 hour single player campaign and the cooperative experience will surface on the PlayStation VR in 2018.

HighWire also announced on the PlayStation Blog that their game, Golem, is heading to PlayStation VR. In it, we’ll control a little child with some magical powers, and it looks like the developers have used a ton of motion capture for the best possible (and fluid) experience. There will be combat, too. The PlayStation VR-exclusive is out on March 13!

Spicy Tails and Sekai Project also join the expanding PlayStation VR-family. Project LUX, which showed up on Steam’s Early Access in March, will be available on the PlayStation VR, too. It’s a futuristic world with a trial, and people have cyber brains. Guess who has to play around with emotions to solve the case! It’s a weird idea, but it could work.

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