Memories Of Mars: MMO Survival On The Red Planet [VIDEO]

Multiple developers are focusing on Mars (again).

From the makers of Tropico, we can expect Surviving Mars, and by Pyramid Games, we can expect Occupy Mars – both being a colony-building game. What about Limbic Entertainment’s (Might and Magic Heroes VI) game, Memories of Mars? The situation is different here.

It’s going to be an open-world, multiplayer survival title, where we awake as a human clone, with the humans having left all the colonies. Due to the solar bursts, there’s no way anyone could survive in the open, which means you’ll have to build a base to avoid dying from starvation. You’ll also face enemy NPCs, where the FPS genre enters the mix. There will be 85 points of interest on the 16 square kilometer map – that’s not big if we consider that Skyrim was around 40 back in 2011. Reaching the limit will be quite easy here…

Due to the multiplayer servers, other players will likely attack you, but there’s also a possibility that they will want to team up with you to get the game’s main resources called Flops easier. You can get them by killing the other players and stealing their stashes, or with via „in-game events where players will converge and try to survive.”

The Early Access launch will happen this Spring on PC – a few areas, items, and enemy types will be missing from this version; they’ll be in the final version of Memories of Mars. The publisher is going to be 505 Games.

Source: PCGamer

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