Watch Dogs 3 on the way? A strange message on Twitter unleashes rumors

The official account of the franchise has written, and deleted, the following message: “this is everything”.

A few weeks after the start of the most important video game fair in the world, a message posted on Twitter by the official account of the Watch Dogs saga has stoked rumors about a new episode of the franchise, although it is true to date Ubisoft not has spoken officially on this issue. The brief message, which has been erased immediately, leaves us with the following words: “This is everything.”.

This message is added to the indications that, for a year, pointed to London as chosen cities to develop the action of the more than likely Watch Dogs 3. In this case, in the credits of the excellent Watch Dogs 2, a conversation took place between two characters who talked about the future of DedSec, including coordinates that pointed directly to the Brixton district in London.

So far Ubisoft has not spoken clearly about the continuation of this series of open-world action adventures, which could happen at the E3 2018 that takes place in the city of Los Angeles in mid-June.

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