Splinter Cell: Sam Fisher Could Have Been Way Different!

Michael Ironside was close to refuse Ubisoft‘s offer…

In Inside Xbox, Microsoft’s video series, he showed up and talked about things such as his role in Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ Special Operation 1 DLC (which, along with the game, has a free weekend at the moment).

Ironside said that initially, he wanted to refuse to be the protagonist of the Splinter Cell series, because he considered Sam Fisher to be a „one-line, two-dimensional, lacking organics” character. Then, he helped Ubisoft Montreal to rewrite the character, and as inspiration for Fisher’s backstory, Ironside recalled a 70’s era encounter with a Ukrainian mercenary…

The interview starts roughly at twenty-one minutes in the video. Still, we should appreciate Ironside for his efforts, as he was the reason why Sam Fisher became so memorable. However, we have to question something: is Ubisoft testing the waters for a new Splinter Cell game…?

We do embed a video below, though. Sam Fisher bids farewell to Snake (Metal Gear Solid)! „Then it’s only me…”

Source: IGN

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