The PlayStation Vita Lives On In Japan

Despite stopping the GameCard manufacturing, Sony doesn’t want to abandon the PlayStation Vita in Japan.

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Sony would stop the PlayStation Vita‘s cards’ manufacturing in the West, including Europe as well. Of course, this doesn’t affect the Eastern parts of the world, including Asia and Japan. SiliconEra translated GameSpark, and it confirmed that Sony would continue manufacturing the GameCards in Japan, but we don’t know when they’ll stop there as well.

Regarding the PS Vita manufacturing, Sony gave a quite PR-ish response which says nothing and confirms even less: „In Japan, users will get to continue enjoying the broad line-up of titles, and we currently plan to continue marketing activities.”

Don’t forget; you can continue buying PlayStation Vita games… digitally. That should drop the developers’ costs, which in turn should see some decrease in game prices as well.

Source: GamesIndustry

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