Death Stranding: Kojima Is Working On A New Trailer

It’s confirmed that Sony’s E3 presentation will feature Death Stranding.

On May 18, Hideo Kojima wrote the following on Twitter: „Working on E3 trailer. Today marks the day that Ian Curtis passed away.” He was wearing a Joy Division shirt, which was a tribute to Ian Curtis, as he was the main part of the Joy Division band in the past. A few hours later, he posted again on the social medium: „Due to the technical issues, this time I’m having sunlight filtering through trees just outside of the “window” instead of biting an “apple” to do my editing.” In other words, he picked Windows after having issues with a Mac to edit his trailer… (And his PC is too weak to edit in 4K… so he stuck to 2K.)

Death Stranding‘s fourth trailer is thus in production (the last time we saw one was during last year’s The Game Awards), and the game is also in development, using Guerrilla Games’ (Horizon Zero Dawn) Decima engine. Maybe we’ll see some gameplay of Kojima Productions‘ game finally…

Source: DualShockers

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