Sony Follows Microsoft: An Elite-Style Controller Is Coming!

And, as with the „greens,” the controller will cost you a fortune.

Sony has licensed the first time to have a third-party controller (as until now, it was mostly gamepads for fighting games), called the Scuf Vantage. It looks significantly different from the usual DualShock 4 style.

One of the analog sticks was moved around a bit, which follows the Xbox controller, and you can replace the thumbsticks to dome-shaped mounds or have a taller stick height. (The system uses magnetic faceplates.) You can also remove the two rumble packs to reduce the controller‘s weight.

On the back of the controller, you can find four programmable paddles that could allow you to keep using the two analog sticks more comfortable than usual, and the Scuf Vantage also has a programmable „sax button” on each side. You can remap the buttons with a simple switch, modify the game / chat audio balance, mute the chat, or change the master volume with a touchpad; replace the D-Pad to be disc-shaped, or even change the triggers’ (L2, R2) pull resistance and stop distance with the hair-trigger mechanism.

Scuf previously licensed some of their technology to Microsoft for the Xbox Elite controller, so this company isn’t an unknown one, and thus, the price is also not surprisingly high. Although the Scuf Vantage can be pre-ordered in North America only at the moment, the price will be hefty. The wired USB model will cost 170, while the Bluetooth version will cost 200 dollars. The customization options can jack the prices even higher. The Scuf Vantage is scheduled to be released across the pond in August.

Source: GameSpot

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