[E3 2018] Death Stranding: Kojima’s Game Finally Shows Gameplay! [VIDEO]

Finally, we can see some gameplay of Death Stranding!

Hideo Kojima, who formerly worked on Metal Gear games, published a lengthy post on the PlayStation Blog, where he also provided a recap of the game’s history, as well as its videos. The first video was shortly created after the reformation of Kojima Productions, which was in a temporary office, while still looking for new employees, and not having decided on what engine to use. Norman Reedus (whose character now has a name: Sam), and Kojima’s game idea in his head, were enough to create this teaser. The second video, shown at The Game Awards 2016, revealed Mads Mikkelsen, Guillermo del Toro, and the fact that the game will use Guerrilla Games’ (Horizon Zero Dawn) Decima engine. A year later, an early portion of the game was introduced to us, which applies for the fourth video, seen at E3.

Kojima says that the actual gameplay is mostly represented by the first half and the last sequence of the video. Sam, as well as the gameplay, is not meant to be ordinary – Kojima wants them both to be unique. Sam is joined by two new characters, acted by Lindsay Wagner and Léa Seydoux – both of them, like with the rest of the cast, were chosen because Kojima was fond of them and he wanted to work together with them. With Wagner, the team did a 3D scan and recreated her in her younger self with the help of the Decima engine. Kojima also said there are more cast members to announce later.

„I want to deliver something for people around the world that transcends generations. I want all people to experience the entertainment medium of games, not only gamers but fans of film, novels, comics, music and art. With the help of the bond (strand) we have with these four cast members (and those who we have yet to reveal), I believe that we will make this a reality.

This game is being woven together through numerous strands and human connections, including strands with you: the fans. The picture that forms on this tapestry is already beautifully drawn in my mind, and is right now, being woven together with the utmost care. It is sure to form an image unlike any seen before. I hope that the strand with you will be a special one,” Kojima wrote.

Death Stranding is in development for PlayStation 4. It still has no release date. And about the E3 trailer… you have to see it yourself to believe it!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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