Nintendo Switch Gets A Better Prediction From An Analyst Firm!

Compared to Nintendo‘s expectations, a Japanese firm, Ace Economic Research pushed the bar higher.

The big N expects 20 million Nintendo Switch units to be shipped in this fiscal year (which started on April 1 and will end on March 31, 2019), which is higher than Sony’s expectations (17 million PlayStation 4s), although the Switch hasn’t been on the market for as much as the PlayStation 4 was. Meanwhile, Ace thinks there could be 25 million units shipped, according to Hideki Yasuda’s analysis.

Yasuda predicts more revenue and more operating income than Nintendo‘s expectations, due to the 25 million prediction for the shipped Switches, as well as the 140 million game sales for this fiscal year. If his prediction is correct, the Nintendo Switch would have 42.79 million units shipped by the end of March, which is a commendable result, and it’d be far above the Nintendo Wii U’s performance!

One more thing that could help those who’d like to buy a Switch later this year: Yasuda thinks Nintendo is going to increase production this summer, which could probably decrease the artificial rarity of the console. (It would make sense: in December, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could become a best-seller for the Switch.)

The Switch is in a good place, but maybe it could get a bit more third-party support than what it already has. (Bethesda and Ubisoft seem to be the best non-Japanese supporters of the console.)

Source: DualShockers

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