The Outer Worlds: It Will Be A Lengthy Adventure!

While Obsidian has been acquired by Microsoft (becoming part of the Xbox Game Studios – Microsoft Game Studios has just rebranded itself!), their next RPG will still be a multiplatform title.

GameInformer  interviewed Leonard Boyarsky, one of the key people behind the creation of Fallout, who is one of the co-directors of The Outer Worlds as well. He revealed that Obsidian‘s next game is going to be comparable in length to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, „or maybe a little smaller.” That game requires roughly 30-40 hours to complete, and it gives us a good base point for the length of the upcoming RPG.

Tim Cain, the other co-director of The Outer Worlds, added that we shouldn’t speculate their game to be a big open-world title (like No Man’s Sky) and hundreds of hours of gameplay. The length of our playthrough will depend on our playstyle – if we prefer stealth, more time will be needed, while action-focused players might finish quicker.

„We’ve decided to put our effort into the reactivity and replayability—because of our size and budget, those necessitate a smaller, more tightly-controlled game than a giant sandbox open world where you can run everywhere,” Boyarsky added.

The Outer Worlds will launch this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: PCGamer

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