Google Stadia announces Google’s sophisticated streaming gaming platform

It will launch in 2019 and promises instant access to games from platforms such as YouTube, and 4K and 60FPS launch.

With one seemingly endless talk by Google‘s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, the US company has given the signal to leave for his conference. One of the most anticipated moments of these first measures of the year 2019 and, of course, the presentation of its platform for streaming: Google Stadia, which starts at a time yet to be determined in the current year 2019.

With a presentation marked by the importance of video games as, for example, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, which is the first game that will be available in Stadia. Another of the capital points has been streaming. Abundant creators of live content and fans have paraded through the presentation trailer of the Google Stadia service.

The legendary Phil Harrison led a parade of personalities in which Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft itself was present. The adventure game of the gala company was the star, and was used to use as an example of a system that allows you to see a trailer of the game you want on YouTube and, instantly, you can start playing without cuts, waiting, updates or, of course, facilities.

Creation, Scale and Connection, is the motto of the platform, which allows you to play AAA titles on different devices such as desktops, laptops or even mobile phones by connecting them to a remote control. In fact, the main key point of the service is the fact that it renounces hardware, allowing to use its also announced command directly with almost any device such as, for example, as a television.

Concerns such as resolution or image quality were a constant among fans, and Google creatives have guaranteed that launch will offer 4K resolution, HDR lighting and 60FPS, but will expand the quality of their services to 8K and 120FPS resolutions. All thanks to a GPU in the data center of 10.7 teraflops, far more powerful than the 4.2 of PS4 Pro and 6.0 for Xbox One X.

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