Even Square Enix Is Considering Battle Royale?

The director of Final Fantasy XIV (the MMO game) would also like to make a battle royale game. (And he’s not alone with it – even Hidetaka Miyazaki, the head of FromSoftware, said something similar recently.)

Naoki Yoshida, who works for Square Enix as the director of Final Fantasy XIV, told the following to GameSpot: „I would like to make a battle royale game. I have some ideas to do that. I have some ideas to make that type of game fun. As an online game designer, I would like to make an MMORPG from scratch without any limitations or restrictions. Removing all those kind of restrictions, I would like to make one MMORPG that fits the current trend before I die. I would also like [to play] Diablo 4.”

We didn’t add that final sentence – Yoshida has indeed brought up Diablo 4, which is the uncrowned king of the „everyone knows about them but nobody knows anything concrete” type of games, which he basically confirmed at this point…

We have to add that Naoki Yoshida has currently nothing else planned outside working on Final Fantasy XIV. It’s still interesting to see how Japanese developers bring up the genre, which is mostly „Western” to them more and more…

How crazy would it be if there was a Final Fantasy battle royale…?!

Source: GameSpot

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