Did The Witcher Get Its Release Date?

MOVIE NEWS – While we knew that the series adaptation of The Witcher, originally written by Andrzej Sapkowski, would launch likely in 2019 (the target was the fourth quarter of the year), now, we heard an exact debut day for Geralt of Rivia.

Recapped published a short article, which we will now quote verbatim: „Mark your calendars! Hearing that the first season of The Witcher will be available to binge on December 20. Season two is also rumoured to start filming in December or January.”

Don’t ignore what the site says: they were the first to write about the cast of The Witcher (they were the ones to break the news that Geralt of Rivia’s role would be filled by Henry Cavill and that Yennefer of Vengerberg would be formed by Anya Chalotra), so regarding this series, we can call them a reliable source.

And about this second season comment – someone has previously confirmed it! Artur Wysocki, who became the swordsmith and swords designer in the Netflix series after working on The Witcher 3 (where he had the swords designer position), said that the second season would start around 2021…

So Netflix has put a lot of faith into Geralt, but their approach is understandable (and we’re not saying it because the series were partially shot in Budapest, in the Vajdahunyad Castle), as the subscription service is slowly getting more and more game adaptations, and The Witcher could become their flagship (especially how it’s a live action series, and not an animated one like say, Castlevania).

Who would have thought that the first The Witcher game in 2007 by CD Projekt RED would go on to be such a success that a dozen years later, it’d be joined by a series? We definitely wouldn’t have thought that way. Still, if what Recapped says is true, we can binge The Witcher during Christmas!

Source: Recapped

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