The Nintendo Switch Surpasses The PlayStation 4 On Home Soil!

Perhaps it’s time for Sony to ring the alarm bells because of Nintendo Switch…

A popular Japanese publication, Famitsu, reports that with its lifetime sales in Japan, the Nintendo Switch already sold better than the PlayStation 4, even with the PS4 having been on market for three more years (!!!) than Nintendo’s hardware. Let us repeat it: in little more than two years, the Nintendo Switch outsold the PlayStation 4, which has been available for five (!) years. The Switch has 8.13 million sales, while the PlayStation 4 is at 8.07. (Worldwide, the PlayStation 4 is in a much better situation: it’s at 96.8 million units, while the Nintendo Switch is up to 34.74, going by the latest official data.)

There’s an explanation behind this situation, though: in Japan, portable platforms were always popular, which is why the PlayStation Vita was (we use the past tense on purpose: it is no longer being manufactured…) supported for far longer than in the West. As the Switch can be used as a portable device, too, no wonder the Japanese gamers pick Nintendo’s product, as they can spend time with it on their way home on a train. (And it’s been thirty years since Nintendo released the Game Boy, which started the handheld craze. Time flies.)

Sony should do something, though – let’s just say that the Japanese company is getting Americanized far too much, which is why they have censored Devil May Cry 5 recently, even though it has been Nintendo who tended to go for censorship in the past. Now, the Switch has more sexuality (which is natural in Japan in games – their culture is different!).

So the Switch has already surpassed the PlayStation 4 in Japan in half the time compared to the PS4. As the big N doesn’t seem to work on a 3DS successor, the Switch is getting more and more attention, and it seems to pay off.

Source: GameSpot

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