The Borderlands Franchise Has Decent Sales So Far!

In ten years, Gearbox’ series: Borderlands put together reasonable sales figures.

Take-Two, the publisher of Gearbox, the developer of Borderlands said during its financial earnings call that the franchise is currently at 43 million lifetime sales, and they added that even though it’s almost a seven-year-old game, second game still has an outstanding monthly player base. Let’s admit it: a million players a month is not something to ignore, and it might have been increased since the Borderlands 3 announcement, and the updates. (For example, on Steam, you can get Borderlands 2’s Ultra HD Texture Pack FOR FREE, which is commendable, not to mention how the first game’s Game of the Year Enhanced Edition was given to all players who owned that game. Other publishers should take a few notes from Gearbox.)

The second game indeed took 20 million sales out of the 43, which means the remaining 23 are split between the first game, The Pre-Sequel, the Handsome Jack Collection on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the now-defunct Telltale Games’ Tales from the Borderlands. (From which Rhys will return in Borderlands 3.)

So, it’s indeed not surprising that Take-Two is expecting the third game to hit twenty million sales during its lifetime. Quoting a tweet: „With Borderlands 3, executives expect to „grow sales with each title” in a franchise. If we extrapolate this, Borderlands 2 hit 7.5 million units within a year. It has now sold 20 million [during its] lifetime. This implies Take-Two/2K Games expect these to be surpassed.”

The third game will launch on September 13 (a Friday, of course) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, where it will be exclusive for half a year to the Epic Games Store (which will announce more exclusives on E3 at the PC Gaming Show, sponsored by Epic Games…).

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