What’s the Age of Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne in The Batman?

MOVIE NEWS – It’s a sure thing now, that we’re going to see a younger Batman in the upcoming superhero flick The Batman since director Matt Reeves’ version of the character will be around 30 years old. Since Robert Pattinson is a 33-year-old star, his own age, of course, fits in with the role. Besides, the story was written this way to put Bruce Wayne in a specific period of his life. Indeed, this won’t be yet another rehash of the Batman origin story, nor will the film will show the superhero as an older saviour of Gotham City. The Dark Knight will be actually at the start of his life as a crimefighter in the story, while still learning his way on his quest to become the world’s greatest detective.

Not long ago, Robert Pattinson was officially confirmed as the final choice to play Batman in the new film. The former Twilight Saga actor won the role over Nicholas Hoult as a finalist. Because of his history with Edward Cullen, many fans are unconvinced with Pattinson on the role of a character as complex as Bruce Wayne. Still, others are defending the choice, pointing to the more dramatic roles Pattinson has taken since his time in the Twilight franchise as proof of his acting talent. Others also think back to Heath Ledger when he was cast as the Joker in The Dark Knight – it was also met with harsh reception by fans online at the time. Later his portrayal to become one of the most-beloved performances in comic book movie history. In any case, Pattinson is going to be our next Batman, so everyone will just have to give him a chance.

The first live-action Batman actor was Adam West, who memorably portrayed the Caped Crusader in the Batman TV series from the ’60s. Later, Michael Keaton stepped in a few decades later when director Tim Burton-helmed a couple of Batman movies, each of which would become big hits. In the next two movies, Val Kilmer and George Clooney stepped into the role before the franchise would ultimately be given a hard reboot by Christopher Nolan with Christian Bale who donned the cape for a new movie trilogy, delivering an iconic Batman performance of his own. After Ben Affleck took over for Batman’s appearances in the DCEU, Robert Pattinson will now get to join the list of prestigious actors to have the privilege of playing the Dark Knight.

It’s certainly good news to hear that we won’t be seeing the same old origin story being rehashed once more for The Batman. At this point, everyone is very well familiar with the character’s history and how he came to be. It’s been shown through comic books, multiple movies, animated TV series, video games, and other media properties countless times. Just this year, Fox ended its run of Gotham on the network, which spent several years telling its own complete origin story for Batman. Fast forwarding a few years past this time period will be most interesting for the new movie.

Matt Reeves reportedly eyed Pattinson very early on in the casting process for the movie following Affleck’s departure, so perhaps it was inevitable for him to get the role. For better or for worse, we’ll all see how he does when The Batman hits theatres on June 25, 2021.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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