A Bulletstorm Sequel Is Not Ruled Out By The Devs

People Can Fly would gladly make Bulletstorm 2 – it’s not ruled out by them.

Sebastian Wojciechowski, the CEO of People Can Fly, told Eurogamer that despite Bulletstorm being over eight years old, they would still gladly work on a sequel if they had the chance to do so. „We are, as you can see [with the Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition remaster and the Switch version], still holding this IP deep in our hearts. We want this IP to have its second life. We’re still not sure what that means but obviously since this is our IP—we own the IP (intellectual property)—and the IP is known and has its fans, we would like to do something about it. There are no immediate plans to come back to this IP, taking into consideration our current effort on Outriders, but if we think about People Can Fly in the longer-run, then obviously it would be awesome to come back to this IP,” Wojciechowski said.

Cliff Bleszinski (who formerly was the face of Gears of War before he flopped with Lawbreakers, quitting the gaming industry altogether) criticised Bulletstorm’s marketing in 2013 on Twitter, saying „people didn’t see a cool sci-fi game, they saw ‘the d_ckt_ts game’.” Adrian Chmielarz, a co-founder of People Can Fly, who left the studio in 2012, said that aside from the launch trailer, everything in the pre-release marketing „made the game look like it lacked any weight.”

Sure, Bulletstorm had some charm (and it wasn’t the cursing in it), so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to work on a sequel. Maybe they will after the summer of 2020 when they will launch Outriders. It might go against the trends even more than its predecessor. We’ll see. There could be a lot of interest for it.

Source: PCGamer

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