Technical performance of Red Faction Guerrilla on Nintendo Switch [VIDEO]

Compare your charts with the original version and Red Faction Guerrilla adapted to PS4 and Xbox One.

Just a few days ago was put on sale in Nintendo Switch the action sandbox game Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered and as usual, Digital Foundry has carried out a thorough technical analysis of this version of the game developed by Volition Games. What such work in the hybrid console?

As the remastering on Xbox One, PC and PS4, Red Faction guerilla allows to enjoy its action in two different modes: performance, seeking a higher rate of frames per second with a resolution between the 792p and 900 p, and quality mode with better texture and more level of detail, as well as a resolution of 900 p. The latter, when the console is in notebook mode, changes its resolution by the 576 p, while in performance mode it can fall to the 360 p.

The technical analysis shows some declines in the rate of FPS depending on the adopted mode and how you’re enjoying the action of Red Faction. NintendoEverything portal has made an overview of the subject.


Laptop mode – mode quality

Graphics with greater stability

Always at 30 fps


Dock mode – mode quality

It moves around the 30 fps

It has stability problems

You can get to fall up to 14 frames per second at specific moments


Laptop mode – mode performance

The rate of frames per second is unstable

It is far from the 60 fps


Dock mode – mode performance

It tends to be above the 30 fps

It does not tend to reach the 60 fps

Source: NintendoEverything

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