Infliction Heads To Consoles [VIDEO]

The Infliction, psychological horror that has been available on PC since October is getting console ports.

„Infliction is an interactive nightmare, a horrific exploration of the darkness that can lurk within the most normal-looking suburban home. Wander through the remnants of a once-happy family, reading letters and journals, listening to voicemails, and piecing together clues to understand the terrible events that led you here. However, you are not alone. Something else has remained in this house, a being of infinite grief and rage. While you hunt for clues, it hunts you, waiting for its chance to unleash its anger on you. Can you survive long enough to find atonement?”, Infliction‘s Steam page says.

So there will be an AI enemy that will hunt us, and we wonder whether we will have to fight it or hide from it? (The answer is Alien: Isolation.) Then, there are a few more tidbits on the page by Blowfish Studios (the publisher) and Caustic Reality (developer), such as: „Explore a realistic, interactive suburban house that gets more fractured and twisted the deeper you go. […] The story is grounded in real-world domestic tragedy, the fears and hurts that we all know: broken hearts, betrayed trust, grief, and loss. The power of [the] Unreal [Engine] renders a photorealistic environment with dynamic lights and shadows that can dazzle you or plunge you into darkness. [The] standard difficulty will occasionally point you in the right direction, but in hard mode, you will be on your own.”

The console version(s) of Infliction will be playable at PAX West, held in Seattle in the United States between August 30 and September 2. The game’s console price will be 20 USD/18 EUR/16 GBP/24 AUD, and it will feature English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. The launch window is set to be Q4 2019 (October-December) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Will it be able to show something new…?

Source: Gematsu

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