Cortana leaves Xbox and Windows 10 will have a new Start menu

TECH NEWS – Microsoft also shows the new Xbox Home screen.

Microsoft has shown the appearance of its new startup screens for Windows 10 and Xbox, and the first has been by accident. An earlier build of the operating system was leaked yesterday, and with it you could see a new, more austere start menu reminiscent of the old start menu, replacing the whole “Live Tiles” scheme with a sea of ​​icons. The images have appeared on Twitter, but it is no longer possible to access this build, which apparently was an “internal version that was published unintentionally.”

On the other hand, Microsoft has confirmed that changes are approaching the Xbox home screen. Instead of the rotating panels at the top of the screen, with which the interface passed between Mixer, the Game Pass, the Xbox Community and the Store, Microsoft has added dedicated buttons. The goal, according to the company, is to allow us to “access our gaming experiences faster, showing all the content more clearly.” This new home screen will reach the Xbox Insiders of the Alpha and Alpha Skip rings this week.

Obviously, given that these changes may not be welcomed by all users, Xbox managers have commented that it is possible that “as they arrive, they can leave again.”

Finally, there is a more bitter change that is coming: the disappearance of Cortana from Xbox. Apparently, Microsoft is going to disable direct interaction with the voice recognition system, which worked with the Kinect camera, to become dependent on Xbox Skill and its integration with Alexa devices. Again, this change will come first to the Alpha Skip Ahead ring. Do you regret it?  Are you one of those who interact with Cortana frequently?


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