John Wick Hex Gets Help From The Film! [VIDEO]

The official game adaptation, John Wick Hex would not be suitable for the name without proper stunt help.

We have to emphasise the word official – as there’s an 8-bit fan game for John Wick as well, which we discussed a few days ago -, but still, John Wick Hex got substantial help. In short, the film trilogy’s stunt coordinator company helped with the development. In the video below, we see 87Eleven Action Design’s stunt coordinator, Jonathan Eusebio explain that John Wick Hex‘ combat style will be mostly about solving problems, and, similarly to Judo, the momentum is also going to be important. Your goal will be to constantly be on the move, be aware of your environment, and to find the fastest method of getting rid of your enemies. (This sentence can easily be applied to Doom 2016, and – if the gameplay won’t change significantly – Doom Eternal, the sequel could also be suitable.)

You have to make good use of the emptier moments – even during reloading, you must find a tactical, aggressive approach. Mike Bithell, the developer of the game, brought up the first John Wick film as an example, where the hero (formed by Keanu Reeves, who will be in Cyberpunk 2077) stunned an enemy, and with his reloaded gun, he killed them. As a reference to this, we’ll have a system with interruptions and stuns to give you more control over the isometric battlefield, but they will also give you a chance to breathe, as the game will not be a constant fight. It’s gun-fu, as the title of the video says. Also, there will be a replay system in John Wick Hex, apparently recommended by Lionsgate Films, allowing you to watch back the completed levels to make it feel like a film.

John Wick Hex has only one problem: it has no release date, and it’s likely going to be an Epic Games Store-exclusive on PC, as it already has a page there.

Source: PCGamer

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