Watch Dogs: Legion: About Progression And Levelling Up

New details have emerged about one of the 2019-20 fiscal year major titles for Ubisoft: Watch Dogs: Legion.

In the third Watch Dogs, we can play as anyone, and the permadeath will also play a significant role: if our character bites the bullet, there will be no respawning. We can expect more than that, too: „Every character is trained in one of the three Classes as soon as they join DedSec, and every character has their progression. They level up and gain perks and abilities over time. Your investment in your characters is very much about playing with them, seeing them move through the story of the game, and levelling them up over time At the same time, DedSec has its progression, and all of your characters also get more powerful as DedSec is upgraded, so losing an individual Operative is more about losing a character and access to their specific playstyle, as opposed to losing progression and finding yourself underpowered against the enemy,” Clint Hocking, Watch Dogs: Legion’s creative director, told GamingBolt.

So you have to use the term legion in a literal meaning: as you make DedSec stronger, each member will gain more power as well. However, we’re not going to revive our fallen characters, meaning we have to switch to someone else. Sure, you might rotate with X characters around, but it’s questionable whether we can switch to someone else during combat (probably not – that’d be too easy, and the AI would likely die if it’s left to fight).

Watch Dogs: Legion, set in a post-Brexit totalitarian state in the near future (made indeed very possible thanks to UK’s current political state), will launch on March 6 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia in multiple formats. Both this subject, as well as the story elements, have been discussed recently.

Source: GamingBolt

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