The New Nintendo Switch Model Is Stronger, But It Has Its Flaws! [VIDEO]

DigitalFoundry has created an excellent review of the new Nintendo Switch model, codenamed Mariko. (We are not talking about the Nintendo Switch Lite! That is a month away from release.)

There are positives and negatives as well – let’s start with the good news. Officially, all we knew as a difference that the battery had a better life, so it didn’t get drained in about three hours but five or six. DigitalFoundry has confirmed it: the battery life has significantly increased by 60 to 70 per cent!

The games’ performance has also increased. The reviewed games (Fast RMX, Mortal Kombat 11, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) have all seemed to have two to three frames per second increase in the frame rate. DigitalFoundry thinks that the improvements are within the margin of error and that it could be because of the new, LPDDR4X memory. (And if you have a modded Switch, you could also increase the clock speed for more performance.)

However, there are downsides, too. The Switch is still getting hot despite an upgraded processor. The other problem was with DigitalFoundry’s test model (which was imported from Hong Kong) is that its screen’s colour temperature had a bright pinkish colour instead of a cooler blue. Another YouTuber, Erica Griffin had also run into this trouble, although she got a pea-green tint. The issue is that this display lottery (how else could we name the issue?) has been present since the Nintendo DS – even the 3DS ran into this problem as an unwanted extra…

So if you plan to buy a Nintendo Switch, make sure to check if you get the original 2017 model or the updated one, depending on which you want to buy. (Or maybe wait until the Nintendo Switch Lite to hear some impressions of it…?)

Source: WCCFTech

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