Terminator: Resistance: a Brand New Terminator Game is in the Making! [VIDEO]

The video game of the Terminator and Terminator 2 movies for PC, PS4 and XOne: Terminator: Resistance features release date, trailer and images.

The title is signed by Teyon and is a first-person shooter in which we will play a new hero, Jacob Rivers.

The premiere of Terminator: Dark Destination is just around the corner, and videogames want to cut the arrival of one of the most important franchises of modern action cinema. That is why we already have the first firm details of Terminator Resistance, the new video game on intellectual property created by the filmmaker James Cameron.

In the game, we embody Jacob Rivers, a soldier of the Pacific Resistance Division who looks like a private soldier but who, for some reason, is the main objective of a SKYNET that continues with his plans to erase the human being from the face of the earth. The video game is inspired by the first two films of the saga, both the 1984 Terminator and its 1991 sequel, Terminator 2: The Last Judgment.

The video game, it seems, is set in the city of Los Angeles 30 years after The Last Judgment, and is located within that War of the Future that James Cameron himself devised for the first two films.

Of course, we will face the iconic T-800, but also other creatures of the Terminator universe, as well as some new “signings” that the video game introduces into the universe of movies. To face them we will have plasma weapons, but also some accessories to hack with. On the other hand, scrap metal will be one of our main allies, since we must use it to trade and manufacture new elements.

Terminator Resistance also offers us the possibility of defining the type of hero “that you want to be levelling up your skills while exploring the post-apocalyptic city of Los Angeles,” they comment from Teyon in a press release. “Complete the history missions to rank up in the ranks of the Resistance as well as side missions to help your friends.”

The title goes on sale on PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One from November 15, 2019. Just a couple of weeks after the premiere of the movie Terminator: Dark Fate.

Source: Eurogamer

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