Facebook Strikes Down 400 Developers!

TECH NEWS – Facebook, the social media site possibly used by most people is getting vigorous with safety.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal started in March 2018: they collected data (via a personality quiz, taking no less than 87 million users’ data…), and this raised questions whether Facebook can properly protect the users’ data or not and if the apps on the site can be safe or not. Well, the apps gained access to a lot of data for political advertising (Trump, Brexit…), and this caused a storm that started 1.5 years ago that still hovers around Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. They responded by banning 400 developers’ tens of thousands of applications after paying no less than five billion dollars (!!!) of a fine to the United States’ Federal Trade Commission, as Facebook was violating the consumers’ privacy. The company now tries to fix its image and protect its users’ data…

Back in March, Facebook started an investigation about its apps on the platform, involving hundreds of lawyers, engineers, and data scientists. This investigation led to the bans, but, as usual per Facebook, not a lot of details were shared. „Our review helps us to better understand patterns of abuse in order to root out bad actors among developers. Many were not live but were still in their testing phase when we suspended them,” the company’s vice-president for product partnerships, Ime Archibong, said in a statement on Friday.

A few developers had to face in-depth questioning, and a few apps have been completely banned for inappropriately sharing data obtained from Facebook, or making data available publicly without protecting people’s identity. One of the apps that Facebook named, was myPersonality that shared information with researchers and companies, then it refused to be part of a Facebook audit.

Rankwave (a Korean data analyst company), LionMobi, JediMobi are three of many companies that now face a lawsuit, but two Ukrainian people are also being taken to court over the scandal.

Source: BBC, 444

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