What Happens If You Die In Death Stranding?

Hideo Kojima revealed more details to Famitsu about Death Stranding that is now less than a month away from its launch.

Thankfully, his thoughts were translated on Reddit. This is what he said about the void out system: „If you trigger a void out (eaten by a monster or by Homo Demons), the map will create a crater. All buildings and the infrastructure will be gone. The crater will only exist in your world. As time goes by, the rainfall will recover the crater and you will see other players’ buildings and infrastructure again.”

There will be no traditional Game Over: „There is no Game Over in this game. A traditional game will reset the time to „before you die.” In Death Stranding, we don’t do that. If Sam dies, his soul will be drown in „the ocean space.” Sam has to look for his body to come back to life. The first trailer is where Sam dies and the soul is stranded on the other side.”

He also talked about the like system: „If you used something that was created by other players, the system will automatically give them a like. After using the item, you can manually give another like. In total you can give two likes to a building or infrastructure. People who test the game has different opinions – an American game tester said they doesn’t like the system give out likes without their consent, while a Japanese game tester is fine with it. (Yes, there are people already playing/testing the game!)”

An Australian website, Sausage Roll, published a preview, in which they praised the environment: „Death Stranding’s environment is one of the scariest and immersive I’ve ever experienced in a videogame. Although the world may seem barren and void of life, it never feels like you are truly alone… and it is terrifying. You don’t know what will pop out from where and it feels like there is this larger than life presence constantly watching you through the friggen’ clouds! It feels like Hideo Kojima took the Silent Hills vibe and injected it with steroids.”

We’ll see on November 8, when Death Stranding is out on PlayStation 4.

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech

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