Corsair – Here’s The First 5000 MHz DDR4 Memory

TECH NEWS – Corsair has launched an insanely fast memory kit, but its price is extremely hefty.

Nowadays, having 16 GB of RAM isn’t rare (32 GB is more and more common as well, but that’s still a lot of memory), but this time, Corsair has something rare to offer us: it is the first Vengeance LPX memory that can run on 5000 MHz. According to Corsair, these two 8 GB memory modules (for which we can get an optional fan to cool them) are recommended for a third-generation AMD Ryzen CPUs, and only a few MSI X570 motherboards allow to achieve this speed.

„The new modules have been specifically designed and fully tested to achieve their record-breaking maximum frequency of 5,000 MHz on the Ryzen 3000 platform in MSI Meg X570 Godlike, MSI Meg X570 Ace, MSI Meg X570 Unify, and Prestige X570 Creation motherboards using their included automated overclocking utilities,” Corsair says. If you have the proper hardware, then you can reach 18-26-26-46 timing on one-and-a-half volts.

With AMD setups, having higher memory frequencies can help (Intel setups prefer the amount instead), but the situation here is that you can easily overspend on RAM to the point where it’s not worth it to get this memory kit. We’re saying it because the price is 1225 USD. That is a ridiculously high price, and for that, you can get a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, two AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU, or Intel’s upcoming 18-core, 36-thread Cascade Lake Core i9-10980XE CPU. So it is extremely costly at the moment, and it is not recommended for a non-gaming setup.

So if you want to have the currently fastest memory on the market, go for the 16 GB kit of this Corsair Vengeance LPX memory, available now.

Source: PCGamer

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