Several Issues Arise Regarding UPlay+

…or more like UPay+!? Money-related issues are often around Ubisoft‘s subscription service…

The subscribers of UPlay+ not only discuss the system’s bugs on the official Ubisoft forums, but also on Reddit. In short, the issues include suspended subscriptions, multiple charges, and the inability to remove credit/debit card information from Ubisoft’s system. It’s ridiculous, especially how the complexity and severity of the issues seem to be different per user.

Many users find that their UPlay+ subscriptions are „suspended,” even though they should have the right to access the games as they have been charged, plus they used a valid payment method for it. Some users found the suspended error message just several days into their month, even though if you get charged, you should be able to access the games for a month. Others claim that their cards are being charged multiple times in a month for the service, so duplicate charges are a problem, and there is also numerous card holds that go back a week or more, too. Some users also say that they are unable to remove the saved card information from their account (to prevent future charges because they want to test the service for a month for example). Also, there’s a bug in Ubisoft’s payment system that automatically adjusts credit card expiration dates to an incorrect date, which means the payment will fail (even though the account has enough money for the payment).

Ubisoft’s customer service can’t do anything other than telling the users to submit tickets, but these issues have been around at least since late September. Ubisoft‘s stickied forum post mentioned issues of failed payment errors and the inability to remove card details, but the users can’t seem to fix their issues for the former with the tips they gave, and the latter problem is now under investigation.

Shouldn’t Ubisoft have tested UPlay+ a bit more? Sure, you can access many complete games (including upcoming ones later) with the service, but if you have such problems, it scares potential users away…

Source: Gamesindustry

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