Telltale Stops With Episodic Game Development

Telltale Games (which is technically LCG Entertainment, not the old company that bit the bullet in the Autumn of 2018) will use a different approach during development.

Jamie Ottilie, the CEO of LCG Entertainment/Telltale, told in an interview with GameDaily that even though Telltale Games’ new (upcoming) game releases will still be in an episodic format, they will not follow the old trends in their development – if the first episode releases, that means all the other episodes have to be ready to go to avoid development (and thus, release) delays, also allowing a better working environment for the developers (which is something we recently discussed…)

„We are creating the stories episodically, but how they will be released is still to be determined. I think an important distinction here is that we will no longer be developing episodically. If we do release the game in episodes, all of them will be ready before the first one hits the store,” Ottilie said.

It means we have to wait for more for the start of the story, but in return, the episodes would come in a more timely manner, pretty much ruling out any sort of delays, unless it’s some technical error on the storefront’s end. Yet, this approach would keep the door open for releasing the game in its entirety out of the box, which could be in the title, too, but since they didn’t decide about it yet, best keep it under the wraps.

Telltale’s new first game will be the Unreal Engine 4-using The Wolf Among Us 2. „The Wolf Among Us is one of the most popular titles in the Telltale catalogue, so we are thrilled to announce that development on Wolf 2 has again started and assure all of the series’ fans that it is in good hands. Partnering with AdHoc Studio enables us to work with many of the key creative and development talents from the original Wolf series while strategically growing the new Telltale,” said Ottilie in the game’s announcement press release.

Patience is key.

Source: PSU

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