Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Get A Demo

Although Square Enix did not talk about it yet, we can prepare for the Japanese company to announce that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will receive a demo shortly.

Gamstat is a website that keeps track of everything that is added to the PlayStation Store. Via this site, Square Enix got caught, so we should probably get ready for them to announce in January that the episodic Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will launch first on the PlayStation 4, will get a demo. (Otherwise, why would they trick us with listing a demo? Just to fool us? It’s highly unlikely.)

It makes sense, as Cloud’s adventures will start on March 3 on the PlayStation 4, which will have Final Fantasy VII Remake exclusive to that platform for a year, as we previously discussed via the official box art that other platforms, such as the PC or the Xbox One, will not get the game until March 3, 2021, at the earliest. (Probably Sony sent a few money bags to Square Enix for exclusivity, as the original game was a best-seller on the PS1.)

Another game surfaced on the PlayStation Store, but this time, it’s a game that isn’t as mainstream as the remake of 1997’s Final Fantasy VII – does anyone remember the announcement of Patapon 2 Remastered? It happened in December 2017, and it will be a PlayStation 4 version of the PSP rhythm/god game that came out in the West in 2009. Since the announcement, we heard nothing, and the listing means it could probably get a sneak release out of nowhere in early 2020. (The marketing would be weird then – too early announcement? The same goes for Final Fantasy VII Remake.)

So we can prepare for the games to either get a demo or a full release shortly…

Source: Gematsu

FF7R Demo Listing 12 24 19 001

Patapon 2 Listing 12 24 19 001

Patapon 2 Listing 12 24 19 002

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