CES 2020: Alienware unveils its UFO, a convertible PC-tablet concept very close to the Switch

TECH NEWS – Clearly, this CES 2020 has many surprises in store for us. Alienware‘s turn to surprise us with a concept of computer transforming into a gaming tablet. A device that reminds us of the Nintendo Switch.

Is it a PC or a console? Hard to say so much Concept UFO, the name of the project, is different from what we have had the opportunity to observe so far. It is in any case aptly named, it is undoubtedly one of the UFOs of the Las Vegas show.

Windows 10 Switch

The device turns in any case under Windows 10. Hardware level, there is an 8 inch screen with definition 1200 pixels. It is integrated into what can be called the central processing unit of the machine, which also contains the battery, the CPU, the GPU and all the essential components.

To this, you can attach left and right joysticks a bit like the Joy-Con of the Switch. The arrangement of joysticks and A-B-X-Y buttons seems to be inspired by what is found on the Xbox pads. Logic, we stay on Windows 10 after all. The two parts of the controller attach to a magnetic rail system.

Steam is present

As for the Nintendo hybrid console, the two pads to be joined to form a single controller. It is then possible to play in this configuration directly on the Concept UFO screen (a crutch allows it to stand upright on a flat surface, again like the Switch) or on another monitor. To do this, USB-C ports are present on the device, which are also used for recharging or connecting peripherals (the keyboard-mouse combo is supported).

In short, the objective of Alienware seems here to take up the idea of ​​the Switch, the source of its success, while remaining a computer. The great advantage of such an object is that it allows you to benefit from its PC game libraries already built up on Steam, GoG, Epic Games Store and others.

For the moment, the manufacturer has not provided details as to the technical specifications of Concept UFO: performance, autonomy … We know nothing of all that. The machine is presented as a prototype, we should not expect to see it market soon. But we may have seen during this CES 2020 a vision of the future of gaming PCs.

Source: The Verge

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