Did Squadron 42 Use False Advertising?

While the lawsuit between Cloud Imperium Games and Crytek comes to a grinding halt, Crytek has hinted that Chris Roberts (the creator of Wing Commander) might have used some false advertising regarding the single-player spin-off of Star Citizen

On Reddit, we can read that the lawsuit around Star Citizen might not happen between Cloud Imperium Games/Roberts Space Industries duo (shortened to CIG and RSI from now on) and Crytek. The parties decided to support the dismissal of the case after some new information, some of which made Crytek allege that the early backers of Squadron 42 might have received false advertising. The case started when Crytek sued CIG for improperly using their licensed engine (CryEngine) on two standalone games when their agreement was for just one title. Squadron 42 has been spun off Star Citizen. Then, both parties were required to provide new information to the court, and this made Crytek rethink the lawsuit, possibly freezing it until the launch of Squadron 42 happens.

The heavily redacted court documents show that CIG claims Squadron 42 will NOT be a standalone title (which might not even launch this year!). Quoting Crytek: „multiple public statements [had] CIG indicating the release of Squadron 42 as a standalone game with [the] release set for the first half of 2020.” The German company, founded by the Yerli brothers (Cevat, Avni, and Faruk Yerli) go further: „This case has been marked by a pattern of CIG saying one thing in its public statements and another in this litigation. For example, at the outset of this case, CIG had publicly claimed it had switched to using the Lumberyard Engine [which would be Amazon’s fork in CryEngine’s development – the ed.] for both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 but was forced to confirm during this litigation that no such switch had taken place…. The fact that CIG denied Crytek the credits to which it was due under the parties GLA without actually switching game engines is the basis for Crytek’s “credits claim” in this case.” Crytek adds that CIG didn’t even decide about how they will release Squadron 42 (let alone the date), and they believe this non-public (or maybe non-existant…?) strategy will surprise the customers and gamers who pre-paid for the game.

Squadron 42 is supposed to get a beta this year…

Source: DualShockers

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