Will The New PlayStation Launch With PlayStation 5-Exclusive Titles?

While Microsoft seems to go for a more customer-friendly approach with the Xbox-exclusive titles (we’ll discuss it separately later), Sony might go against the „greens’” idea.

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier seems to be an insider when it comes to several games, and thanks to his industry contacts, he might be having information on the two next-gen consoles as well. On the Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, Schreier said something we should quote: „I’ve heard some of the PlayStation 5 launch titles – I won’t say them yet because I’m probably going to do some sort of report on this stuff in the future –, but those will be PlayStation5-only.”

So PlayStation, which seems to have more and more European leaders (we wrote about this subject earlier this week, and we suspect that the brand is going to be Eurocentric), is having an opposite view to Microsoft here, which is important, as we have to say that exclusives are mostly the reason that makes the customers decide on what console they will get. (We say mostly. Not always – the exceptions are always welcome!) And only one of the PlayStation 5 games has been officially announced so far… The next game of Gearbox (Borderlands) is called Godfall, and it has been confirmed during The Game Awards that it is heading to the PlayStation 5, and we don’t suspect Randy Pitchford’s team to make a PlayStation 4 version as well. (The third-party titles will be cross-gen, such as the new Assassin’s Creed.)

So the PlayStation 5 will have to pull off something serious to make the people change, as the backwards compatibility to the previous (or, at the moment, current) console generation with both Sony and Microsoft (and their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games and accessories, respectively) have been confirmed. We heard many times that the PlayStation 5 will get a February reveal event, and even Assassin’s Creed: Ragnarok’s recent leak has also mentioned it. Sony has to surprise us there.

The PlayStation 5 will launch at the end of the year, with an unknown price. (We might learn about the pricing at E3, or not, as Sony might skip it once again.)

Source: DualShockers

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