Dreams Mario: It Was Take Out Due to Nintendo Complains

Media Molecule‘s game-making game launched a month ago, exclusively on PlayStation 4, and it has Mario show up here and there.

If you have played Dreams, you might have noticed a few „outsider” IPs here and there that are not owned by Sony. An example of them would be Mario, who is owned by Nintendo. Regarding the plumber-turned-hero, Piece of Craft wrote the following on Twitter:

„Good news and bad news. We flew too close to the sun, boys! A big video game company, who I will keep nameless, obviously didn’t read my “be cool” note in Dreams. No worries, though – I have a backup plan. But for now, Mario projects in Dreams are on hold until I put said plan into effect.

The email came through to the same email I have linked to my PlayStation Network account, but it was from the legal and business affairs division of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. So, it’s not from Media Molecule. It stated that Nintendo themselves had objected to my use of their Super Mario IP in Dreams,” he wrote.

Let’s think about this for a moment. In Dreams, AT THE MOMENT, you have no way to monetise what you do. There are plans, but they are not active yet. So for now, all you can do is play free titles. There are both good and bad creations (including bad ones with Mario as well). So Piece of Craft using Mario’s figure did not earn him any money, and thus, he did not harm Nintendo’s property. It’s not something like a recreation of Super Mario Odyssey, the Nintendo Switch-exclusive game, in Dreams. Super Mario 64 HD from him, though, is risky…

Sure, Media Molecule itself stated before Dreams’ launch that players who made levels based on copyrighted materials should expect their creations to be removed. Still, think why not make freely a thing or two if there’s no harm done.

Source: GameSpot

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