PlayStation 5 Release Date Coronavirus Does Not Postpone it

A new update to the official portal makes clear its position on the PlayStation 5 Release Date.

The relentless coronavirus crisis is affecting all industries, and the video game and its hardware components, with much of its workforce in China, is among those affected. Will it be a problem for the PlayStation 5 release plans at the end of this year? As Sony itself has shared in a new update on its official website, it seems that, for now, there is no intention to change.

The portal update, motivated by the recent presentation of PS5, has not made any change on the date presented by the console. It has been shared by the WCCFTech portal, showing that the slogan of “PlayStation 5 is coming” and “will be launched at the end of 2020” continues to preside over the informal information from Sony, which is a good sign for the interests of the new generation of consoles in 2020.

Not many analysts who dare to venture a delayed release date for PS5 and Xbox Series X. One of the few points of agreement between the different analysts is on the reopening date of the different component factories in China: what they take to open will have a direct impact on the price and date when the consoles will land in stores.

There was a lot of movement with the new console last week. The release of PS5 by Mark Cerny, a crude talk of more than fifty minutes, served to reveal many of the technical keys of the future generation of PlayStation. The engineer’s words were the excuse for many studies to talk about the keys to the new hardware. One of Naughty Dog’s top developers rated the PS5 tech jump as the “biggest” he had ever seen in his career.

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