DualSense: Noise Filtering Microphone In The New Sony Controller

Sony has tricked us: instead of calling the PlayStation 5’s controller DualShock 5, they call it DualSense.

The DualSense will have a built-in microphone to allow us talking to the other players without a headset (but if you prefer the old method, you can use one, as the controller is confirmed to have a headphone jack). The controller will also have haptic feedback, and… unusual colours.

SegmentNext has found a new patent about the DualSense: „When three or more microphones are included in the array of microphones, it is possible to determine the location of a sound source relative to the microphone array [that] can be localized based on the relative timing of its sound as captured by each of the microphones.

Taken in combination with the known location and orientation of the controller (as determined based on sensors and tracking methods) and by extension the known location and orientation of the microphone array, then the location of the sound source within the interactive environment can be determined. Furthermore, captured sound can be processed to exclude sounds which do not emanate from a certain region of the interactive environment.”

In layman’s terms, it will recognise the player’s voice, and it will filter out the background noise (although we have yet to see how well it could work with say, a loud television in the background; the DualSense can’t remove that while the player talks). The DualSense could also eliminate the crosstalk if more than one person is playing locally (which could be useful with a tactical shooter for example, such as Ready or Not, which could be getting a PlayStation 5 version, as we discussed it the other day).

Another patent is about the improved touchpad on the DualSense. It could remember certain gestures, and it might even allow us to use the user interface of the PlayStation 5 completely with a new, touchscreen method.

The DualSense has a lot of ambition, but we can’t experience it until this Holiday season. Sony aims to release both the PlayStation 5 and the DualSense late this year (probably around November – the PlayStation 4 also hit the shelves in November 2013). The pricing is yet to be announced for both the console and the controller.

Source: WCCFTech

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