The next game in Pillars of Eternity is called Avowed: Obsidian reveals its new RPG [VIDEO]

It has been presented with powerful kinematics and the promise of reaching PC and Xbox Series X.

One of the most promising games to be announced at Xbox’s next-gen gaming event is Avowed, Obsidian‘s new RPG. Now released under the umbrella of Microsoft, the parents of Fallout: New Vegas present an epic-laden cinematic. In it, we can see a camera in the first person, a format that already seems habitual in the company. An interesting detail has also been commented, and that is that the game is set in the world of Pillars of Eternity.

For now, we don’t know much about the game. Its makers define it as “a new epic RPG action triple-A game, set in the fantasy world of Eora.” That supposes a whole new perspective and gameplay for the wonderful role-playing saga, which until now had been dumped in the zenith view. Avowed is expected to adopt a style similar to New Vegas or The Outer Worlds, Obsidian’s newest video game.

If you are new to the franchise and would like to discover it, we recommend you go through the analysis of Pillars of Eternity bordering on the outstanding on our website. Apart from this, Obsidian has also brought to the presentation of Xbox Series X games the Perils of Gorgon expansion for The Outer Worlds, which arrives on September 9; and the most modest Grounded that arrives on July 28 to immerse ourselves in a garden, but from the condition of boys and girls the size of an ant.

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