Psychonauts 2 reappears with a music video with actor Jack Black singing [VIDEO]

His crazy psychedelic world is delayed again, this time to 2021.

Double Fine has not missed the Xbox Games Showcase showing a new trailer for its long-awaited Psychonauts 2, but this was not a normal presentation since the team led by Tim Schafer has surprised with a music video played by actor Jack Black, who she is also a vocalist in Tenacious D.

It is not the first time that the actor participates in a project with Double Fine, as he was the protagonist in Brütal Legend, and also participated by voicing one of the characters from Broken Age. Why a music video? Psychonauts 2 is a video game that will take us to explore the minds of different characters, and each setting, like the original, has very different settings, psychedelic, and typical of the 70s.

Its makers promise “incredible voices from the original cast with great celebrities, new powers, and the new chapter in the greatest story of all time.” In it, Razputin Aquato ( Raz ) will try to protect his idols, the Psychonauts team, from a mole that poses a new threat. To do this, Raz tries to explore a brain that has been stuck in a jar for too long, so he tries to collaborate with its owner, a luminous ball with the voice of Jack Black, to extract the information he needs from him.

It is a good opportunity to see some of the new powers of our protagonist, including the control of time and space, although there is bitter news to close a game that in any case looks wonderful: it has been delayed again. If last year we reported that we would have to wait until 2020 to play, now Psychonauts 2 is going to 2021. From the Xbox blog, they collect that we can play it on Xbox Game Pass, PC, Mac, Linux and PS4.

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