We Finally Have The First Trailer For STALKER 2 [VIDEO]

STALKER 2 has its first trailer – the game will also be the first visit of the series on a console: with a huge fanbase, MS has a serious card in their hands.

STALKER 2 promises to be as tough and rough as the original. The brutal video game from GSC Game World has a powerful setting, just like the first instalment.


STALKER 2 has returned to show signs of life after several months of having only timely news of it and some statements. Today, finally, we have seen a first trailer that shows us a cinematic of the video game.

The brutal original game created a real cult following, and became a video game benchmark for a generation, thanks to the game, even those who did not even know the sci-fi original of the Strugacky brothers or the movie from Tarkovsky, a film reminiscent of the human soul, watched the movie and read the book afterwards.


With STALKER 2, the Ukrainian GSC Game World team returns to teach the world once again how to make FPS. At least I really hope that this is the case, as no gameplay from this game was shown tonight either!

STALKER was a surprise because for months, the game had only rarely been heard about. Who cares about Metro now if here’s the real deal! And on Xbox, too! For me, the highlight of the evening was STALKER 2 (or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 to be official).



The action and open world title will appear on PC and Xbox Series X as confirmed platforms although, we suppose, it will also go on sale on PS5 if Sony manages to lure the game over to its platform: supposedly in 2021, no sooner, according to the latest information around the title.


A terrifying cinematic that is a phenomenal example of the kind of setting achieved by those responsible for a franchise that already left us in 2007, with STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, a truly memorable work.


It promises the terribly disturbing deserted villages, an almost photorealistic depiction of Chernobyl and with it the dead countryside of Pripyat. Sure, it just seemed like a rendered video, but to be sure, the atmosphere is still strong: the series left us loyal fans with Call of Pripyat in 2010, but now we’ve finally been reminded again by the Ukrainian guys why we loved this series!

One thing is for sure: re-entry is only for those with strong nerves!

Source: 3DJuegos

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