State of Decay 3 Announced For Xbox Series X And PC [VIDEO]

The Zombie Horror goes to the next generation – Undead Labs has unveiled a trailer of the State of Decay 3 for Xbox Series X in a video.

The video was shown at the Xbox Games Showcase and also doesn’t have gameplay, unfortunately.


After battling the zombie apocalypse on PC and Xbox One in two survival simulations, here’s the third one after the first two games. This cinematic trailer was Undead Labs’ surprise. How happy are we? Not happy at all! At least a normal gameplay could have come from this game, but nothing! Okay, the video itself has a certain atmosphere, but it would have been really good to see something from the game as well. State of Decay 3 comes to Xbox Series X and PC, but not for Xbox One.

So it has started. Xbox One is officially leaving the market…



At the moment, we can’t really write much more about this game, as the creators didn’t even force themselves to show more of it. It’s going to be a zombie game, I guess, but you don’t see a human zombie in the video, just a grotesque, disfigured animal probably with the hero, out in the snowy wilderness. I don’t want to step up the bar but after the bombastic, overwhelming success of The Last of Us Part 2, this zombie title, with its generic zombie garnish… Well, it is possible that it probably would have made some of us smile at its gameplay. Maybe the developers felt it too? Would it have been premature to show anything else? How does the game development goes? As with so many titles, we didn’t learn any specifics here either. Almost nothing!


We didn’t get any news when State of Decay 3 got revealed. “Just because you’re holding the rifle doesn’t mean you’re the hunter,” can be read on the Xbox social media interface. “Christmas 2020” didn’t appear in the video either, it wasn’t even mentioned, although other titles gave at least as many indications for the release.

At least one’s for sure: it’s going to be part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog from day one.

Source: 3Djuegos

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