Brie Larson Would Like To Play Samus Aran In A Metroid Movie

Brie Larson, aka Captain Marvel, is a huge fan of the character, and she’d want to put on the legendary armor in a possible Metroid movie!

The actress known for giving life to Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, has long been making clear her love for video games, her gamer past and her great ability. A year ago we were able to see her dressed as Samus Aran for Halloween and expressing interest in the character. Now he has insisted on it again after proposing the existence of a hypothetical projected film: “I would definitely like to participate.”



Metroid, one of Nintendo‘s largest franchises, has received several games over the years, including Super Metroid for SNES, one of the most appreciated. There, Samus travels to the planet Zebes, making her way between monstrous enemies like Ridley and Kraid. Without a doubt, it could be the title chosen to transfer it to the big screen.



If there is a movie I definitely want to participate. – Brie Larson


Larson has also spoken about the aforementioned costume, which is where all the conversation about Samus originated. The popular artist BossLogic, who has recently participated in the presentation of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, created a piece in 2018 that represents the actress as the character of Metroid. She was delighted and despite the challenge it would entail, her experience and contact with the universe could be very helpful.



Unfortunately, there is no news of any indication that the Metroid movie is being filmed. However, Nintendo is currently working with Illumination on a Super Mario film, this could open the way for the adaptation of new franchises in Hollywood. If so, Brie Larson would be first in line for the casting to bring the character to life.


Source: 3DJuegos

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