Metroid Prime Trilogy: A Nintendo Switch Version Seems More And More Likely

Nintendo might be using the trilogy to relax the Metroid fans until the work on Metroid Prime 4 is done.

Inet, a Swedish retailer, has already listed Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch in 2018, so they might be knowing something. No matter what the case is, they got attention again for having a release date included for the currently unannounced port of the trilogy. They say that the first three Metroid Prime games would launch on June 19 on the Nintendo Switch. It looks plausible because that is a Friday.

Last February, a reliable Nintendo insider named kindzell said that the Nintendo Direct that month would have the announcement of Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch – it didn’t happen. American retailer Best Buy then listed the game in April 2019 in the database only accessible to the company’s employees. So there are signs that the Nintendo Switch could expand by yet another title that has previously been available on the Wii U.

The first two Metroid Prime games launched on the GameCube (the third one came out on the Wii), but later, the Wii received a collection of all three games in a remaster (the GameCube originals received motion control support), and then, a digital re-release also followed on the Wii U. This might be brought forward to the Switch, but since it’s not official yet, all we can do is guess at the moment.

As there’s possibly no Nintendo Direct in June (they tend to have one during E3 week) due to the coronavirus global pandemic causing internal development deadlines getting pushed back, it might get a surprise announcement just like Paper Mario: The Origami King did. As June 19 is not far away (that’s when The Last of Us Part II is coming out on PlayStation 4), we’ll see shortly if Inet is right or not.

Source: VG247

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