Spider-Man Miles Morales – Ray-tracing In Action And Other Details

Insomniac showed how ray-tracing looks like on PlayStation, and also revealed other details about Spider-Man Miles Morales.


Spider-Man Miles Morales is one of the main assets of the first batch of games for PS5. Marvel’s Spider-Man standalone spin-off developed by Insomniac and unveils details and a striking new look through EW.

At Insomniac they reconcile with puddles thanks to raytracing technology



The image, which you can see, is especially interesting since from the studio that created the game they have taken the opportunity to release a little taunt to those who criticized the puddles of the Spider-Man of 2018. The image shows Miles Morales dressed in the Spider-Man suit, with his fist reflected in a puddle so that we can appreciate first-hand the benefits of raytracing technology that will be talked about in the new generation.

The same James Stevenson, director of the community of Insomniac Games, has taken the opportunity to dispatch himself in a tweet in which he invites us to see an image of “ray-traced puddles”.

It will take place in winter, one year after the original game

The EW (Entertainment Weekly) article brings exciting new details about the game, which will be set in the winter season, one year after the events of the original. Morales’ Harlem home is about to wage a war promoted between an energy corporation and a high-tech criminal gang. Since Insomniac does not classify it as a direct sequel and, despite the post-credits scenes of the 2018 game, they do not talk about Spider-Man 2 either.

The studio intends to tell a story that is “emotionally shocking” and one that “fits well with the experience of the first instalment.” In the statements, they affirm that there will be new animations, mechanics, movements and powers such as invisibility or a type of electrical ability. At one point they suggest that Morales and Peter Parker could collaborate, which does not rule out the presence of the original “Friendly Neighbor”.

We will have to wait for more details in the future. The release of Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales is expected in late 2020 as part of the PS5 starter catalog.

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